Tree Trimming


Keeping your trees healthy is important, whether you actively enjoy spending time in your yard or are most concerned about maintaining the value of your property as much as is possible. Trees that are properly trimmed will be better able to stay healthy and will be more beneficial to your property in multiple ways. Our professional tree trimming service is here for you to keep your tree and your property protected. We offer our services to several areas in Arkansas including Sherwood, Maumelle, North Little Rock, Little Rock, Jacksonville, Little Rock, and Cabot.

Hiring a professional for the job means that not only will you get great service now, you will also be able to receive advice for the future. We at Schmitt Tree Service have over 15 years of experience with tree trimming and know how to trim different types of trees to provide the best results. It is essential that your trees get cared for properly, as some trimming methods work well for certain trees but are actually damaging to other ones. There is no one best method but rather several good ones, and we have the practical knowledge and experience to choose the right techniques.

How you take care of your trees now can determine what may happen to them in the future. For instance, whenever a storm arrives your trees that have been well maintained will be better off than they would be otherwise and they will be less likely to cause damage to your or your neighbour’s property. Tree trimming is a preventative method but it also provides some immediate benefits too--a trimmed tree is more attractive now and can continue to be in the future.

We welcome you to contact us at 501-744-4066 to learn more or to book a free tree trimming consultation.