Stump Removal

Stumps in your yard can be both an inconvenience and a safety hazard for you. They can lower your property value as they are unattractive, for one. They can also cause damage to your lawnmower and other yard maintenance equipment, and they can be a tripping hazard to you and your loved ones. Getting rid of one is no easy task if you don’t have the right equipment, and it can take years or even decades for it to rot out naturally.

Schmitt Tree Service offers professional stump removal in Sherwood, Arkansas, as well as in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Cabot, Jacksonville, and Maumelle. To rid your yard of a stump, we use a lightweight compact tractor with a mounted stump grinder to grind it into mulch.This equipment will have minimal impact on your yard, as it is a much less heavy than the stump grinding units pulled by large trucks that are often used by other professionals. We can get the job done with minimal inconvenience put on you and your property.

Many stump removal professionals will leave mulch and dirt behind on your property after they have grinded your stump, leaving a little or a big mess in your yard if they are unable to pick everything up with their equipment. With our tractor, though, we can leave your yard looking clean and in order. Our tractor has a front loader that can pick up the mulch and dirt in order to fill in the hole left behind where the stump once was. We can take away anything that is left over or leave it behind, if you would like to use it somewhere else in your yard.

We are committed to providing a fast, efficient service to keep costs down for you and us. Please call us at 501-744-4066 to schedule a time for a stump removal professional to come to your yard.