First impressions are important when it comes to trying to sell your home, and often the first thing potential buyers will see is your front lawn. To make sure your outdoor property can be in as good of a state as possible when it’s time to sell, you can start taking care of different elements of your yard now--ideally before spring, when the growth season begins.

Get branches that are damaged, diseased, or dead removed 

Tree trimming or pruning is completed most efficiently in the winter when your hired professional will be more able to see which branches should be removed. The end result will be healthier and better looking trees.

Give individual plants the attention they need

Each type of plant should be cared for in a certain way, and it is particularly important to be aware of your plants’ needs in the colder season. You do not want to find in the spring that any of your plants have concerns that could have been addressed before their season for growth begins.

You can do your own research to determine how you can care for your plants, or you may hire a specialist for the task.

Use fertilizer for your trees

Your trees’ roots will continue to absorb nutrients in the winter, so you should fertilize them before the ground begins to freeze. This will enable them to have the sustenance they need in the cold season, and they’ll be able to come in bloom to a fuller extent come springtime.

Use mulch around other plants

A ring of mulch around each plant on your front yard will help the plants to retain moisture and their roots will be able to stay warm. As well, mulch can add a fresher look to your yard. Make sure to add the mulch before the ground has frozen over, too.

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