By keeping your trees trimmed or pruned properly, you can set them up to obtain long-term health and grow well throughout their season. Here’s what you need to know about when to prune your trees.

The best time for pruning is between late fall and the beginning of spring

You want to have your trees pruned or trimmed before the first blooms of spring arrive here in Central Arkansas but after the time of changing leaves near the end of fall. So, to get the best results you should get in touch with professionals providing tree services in Little Rock in the late fall or during the winter.

Different trees have different types of pruning cycles

Depending on the type, health, and size of your trees, the frequency for which you should use tree trimming services will differ. Typically a tree will have to be pruned once every three to five years--the tree trimming professional you hire will be able to determine the ideal timing for your trees.

Fall and winter are ideal due to dropping temperatures and the lack of tree growth then

If you have your trees trimmed when new growth has already begun in the spring, you can actually limit the extent to which the tree can bloom throughout the season. With trees becoming dormant in their growth during fall and winter, and with temperatures dropping, fall and winter are ideal.

Professionals will have safer and more efficient access to your tree in dormant seasons

The ground is harder in fall and winter, so work can be completed more efficiently, and branches are easier to access as well due to the bare canopy. 

Pruning and trimming in dormant seasons is also a means of protecting your trees against diseases, so you could end up saving money in the long run by acting now.

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