5 Stump Removal Techniques

While cutting down a tree may seem like a daunting project, removing a stump is more overwhelming. Removing a stump is a complicated task, which is why several people have old stumps in their yards. Stump removal isn’t straightforward, but it is workable. To get the job done correctly and quickly, consider the techniques below.

1. Chemical Removal

Various chemicals that can help speed up the rotting of a tree stump are available at garden centers. Mainly, the process involves drilling holes in the tree stump and implanting the chemicals. Although this method can increase the rate of decomposition, don’t expect it to be extremely fast as the tree stump takes a long period to decompose.

2.   Removal Using Fire

Many often use scrap wood in starting a fire atop a tree stump and continue to do so until there’s no left of the stump.  This is a good idea if you want to remove a few tree stumps.

3.   Manual Removal

Manual digging is great for small and shallow-rooted trees. Basic tools needed are an axe or grub hoe with axe head, root saw, and shovel. First is to dig the roots so it will be exposed, after which, cut it using the appropriate tools, pull out the roots from the ground using the grub hoe and place them in a compost pile.

4.   Mechanical Removal Using Stump Grinder

This tool can grind stumps that grow 6 to 12 inches underneath the ground. It has a set of carbide teeth that can quickly chew on small to medium-size tree stumps; while large ones will take a bit of time. This machine is available at rental houses. If you don’t like using a machine, or you only need to remove one or two stumps, a lot of arborists have stump grinders that can perform the grinding on a per-stump-inch price basis.

5.   Natural Removal

After cutting down a tree, its stump will start to decompose. It can be simply left to rot. This is a great alternative if the stump isn’t that big. Also, covering the tree stump with soil or fertilizer will help in generating bacteria and fungus that will lead to decay. In time, it will be easy to remove the tree stump from the ground with less effort.

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