Tree service scams are common in the industry, but there are some solid ways to protect yourself from becoming victim to a company that will scam you or provide low quality services. Here are 5 tips to choosing the right tree service company in Little Rock and Central Arkansas.

#1: Look for Better Business Bureau accreditation

Not all tree service companies seeks out Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, and the ones that do are more likely to provide good services. Still, once you find companies in your area that are accredited with BBB, make sure to check their rating too.

#2: Check that the business has the appropriate insurance

Workers compensation insurance and liability insurance are important for any tree service company to possess. The best way to make sure your back is covered is to ask for the company’s insurance certificates to be sent directly to you from the agency, to avoid being given fraudulent certificates. Without the proper insurance, you will become liable for any damage done to your property or injuries incurred to the laborers.

#3: Compare estimates between companies

If you find what appears to be a wildly good deal on a particular service, check out what other companies in your area offer for similar services. Something that appears too good to be true should always be examined closely.

#4: Be cautious after disasters

If you need tree removal following a storm or similar event, use extra caution when choosing a company. You may be in a rush to get to get storm damage clean up completed, but this is an ideal time for scammers to act.

#5: Avoid paying upfront

Even when everything about a company seems solid, avoid paying for a service before it is to your satisfaction. A reputable company will not pressure you to pay beforehand.

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