6 Reasons To Get A Tree Stump Removed

“Do I really need to remove a tree stump immediately, or can I just leave it there for years?” This is the most common dilemma people got into after they cut trees in their yards. In most cases, it is better to have it removed. Why? Read on.

1.    Tree stumps at times can be dangerous. Stumps that are left in landscapes or lawns can be hazardous for your children, visitors, and neighbors since they can pose a tripping hazard. Stumps can also cost you a certain amount of money if mowing services by chance hit them while they’re cutting your grass. In short, stumps pose a danger.

2.    Tree stumps are unappealing. Fundamentally, stumps don’t add any appeal to your property. Although they will look much better after being removed, they will eventually result in a rotten mess in only a couple of years.

3.    Tree stumps can be a haven for various diseases. In some cases, trees must be cut down because of disease-related issues that have damaged or destroyed a plant. These tree stumps is a haven for fungus or disease that can easily spread throughout nearby plants and can harm them.

4.    Decomposing tree stumps can draw in insects. Whenever a stump is left to decompose for a certain number of years, the decomposing tree may draw termites, beetles, carpenter ants, and other insects. If these decaying tree stumps are around live trees, it may pose a threat to these trees since pests are drawn to the decomposing stump. Also, if these stumps are near any structure, it may draw wood-destroying pests that could be potentially dangerous for homes and commercial buildings. It may be advisable to spend a small amount of money to remove tree stumps instead of risking the possible damages that may incur added costs in the future.

5.    Fresh tree stumps can lead to unpleasant re-growth. If certain tree species are cut down near or above ground, they may go on to create sucker growth from the tree stump. When this happens, you may have to spend time and money removing the suckers or drenching them herbicides. These suckers can also take away the nutrients from other plants that are nearby. As a result, other parts of your lawn may be damaged. If left to re-grow, these trees may look unappealing and resemble ugly bushes. These suckers are badly attached to their decaying trunk and can pose a hazard if left alone.     
6.    Tree stumps take up a lot of space. Except if you have a spacious yard with a lot of room, the stump will take up much space and limit it. It is the main reason it’s vital to go through Little Rock stump removal.